Together, we can create incredible possibilities

As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and most importantly friend of the community, I am excited to share with you an idea two and a half years in the making. This idea is called COMMON SPACE. COMMON SPACE is not your typical office space. We consider ourselves a nonprofit incubator and social gathering hub that nurtures community action from the ground level and then up. COMMON SPACE is a place where all people can gather for meetings, events and community programs that spur change.

With this mindset of doing things together, our team of volunteers opened our doors on April 2, 2017. We thought that if we want the place we call home to become better, we should take the appropriate steps to do so - by leading by example. But this can’t happen alone.

Everyone at COMMON SPACE believes that collaborate removes the barriers of what has happened in the past, to propel us into the future. When you come into our location, we believe that everyone brings something to the table.

Bringing people under one roof is just the beginning. As COMMON SPACE continues to grow, we want to provide services that give community members a chance to fulfill goals and visions. So, we invite you, whether you are a seasoned organizer, or just taking the first steps, to join us in saying “Awesomeness begins here” and that “Incredible things happen in the Central Valley.”

Let us continue to create moments of happiness, inspiration and support.

Are you ready to join us?

Justin Kamimoto
Founder & Executive Director