Happy Birthday Justin!

Scott Marple, Social & Events Director of COMMON SPACE, interviews our Founder & Executive Director Justin Kamimoto on his 24th birthday. Our team is always impressed by all the great things Justin leads us to. And he is only 24! Cheers to many more great years to come!

Here's the Facebook Live Stream!

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COMMON SPACE is self sustaining right now off the personal contributions of twenty young people ready to create change. 

Will you join us with a contribution to help support the efforts our founder has started? Every dollar counts!

Can we suggest $24 for Justin's 24th? 

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We Welcome is a campaign idea we are bringing to the Central Valley. COMMON SPACE adapted the content from the original sign created by Lisa Mamgum and Jason Levian. 

If you are a local business, will you purchase a poster and hang it up in your storefront? 

Each poster is $2.00 to cover the cost of printing. A team member will bring the poster personally to you, and we'll give you a social media shout out!