2nd Annual QueerOut Awards Gala Logo.png

Nominations for the 2nd Annual QueerOut Awards are recommended to be submitted by any person who has first-hand knowledge/experience of an individual’s or organization’s contribution to the Queer/LGBT+ community.

Before completing an award form, consider the following:

  1. In what ways has this individual or organization contributed to various Queer/LGBT+ project(s)/program(s)/event(s)?

  2. How did this person or organization use their skills to enhance the project(s)/ program(s)/event(s)?

  3. In what events, programs, or projects has this individual or organization taken an active leadership role?

  4. How has this person or organization helped or encouraged others in the Queer/LGBT+ community to get involved with said project(s)/program(s)/event(s)?

  5. Describe why you believe this person deserves the award (in more than 250 words).

Please note: The nomination materials should include a description of specific demonstrable examples of how the nominee has led and/or participated in one or more of the activities listed above. Nominations are open to all individuals and organizations regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex, gender expression, gender identity, or religious affiliation. All recipients will be photographed at the event, and name will be included in press related materials.

We kindly ask, please, no self nominations. Thank you.

nominations are now closed