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Real authentic women wellness (RAWW)

COMMON SPACE has given RAWW a home to build a credible brand as a revolutionary organization to enhance women's mental, physical, sexual, spiritual health and help them connect with their life's purpose.

best buddies

COMMON SPACE provided Best Buddies a space for school advisors, donors, board members, and families to meet at. They have helped us connect with countless introductions to build a foundation to serve people with IDD.


For years, Trans-e-motion (TEM) has had to scramble for safe spaces for the transgender and non-binary communities. Through COMMON SPACE, we have hosted memorials, regular support groups, a successful art night and building our efforts for g


With the support of COMMON SPACE, we have grown from a mobile program to one with actual space to host events and build collaboration efforts with people in our community. With the loss of other local resources, we are proud COMMON SPACE is here!