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best buddies central valley

Hear from Area Director Chariya Newton: Best Buddies is dedicated to creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

As we were building new relationships, COMMON SPACE provided us a centrally located place to meet with school advisors, donors, board members, and students/families. They helped us connect with the community with countless introductions. We can't begin to thank them enough for helping us build a foundation to serve people with IDD.  We will continue to celebrate each success with always remembering where it began...one meeting at a time at COMMON SPACE.

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Hear from President Ana Chavez: COMMON SPACE has been a great meeting location for Elder Abuse Services Inc. It has been EASI’s new home for all members, volunteers and interns to make our mission a reality. Dr. John Dussich, founder of EASI, and its dedicated advocates are working hard to bring an emergency shelter for all those elders suffering, silently, of abuse in their homes. 



Hear from Founder Justin Kamimoto: COMMON SPACE has allowed us to grow from a mobile/digital program to one with a brick-and-mortar space. Since the closing of local resources, we have been able to cultivate a safe space for all people that is free of judgement, and filled with positivity. Our program has grown exponentially to have our best year of programming and services offered in 2017. 



Hear from Founder Diana Diaz: RAWW is a new revolutionary women-centric organization with a mission to enhance women's mental, physical, sexual, spiritual health and help connect them to their life's purpose. We do this primarily through our speaker series, RAWWTalks. COMMON SPACE has not only given us a home, they have given us an opportunity to build a credible brand based on authenticity and love for our community. The space is both beautiful and functional. We absolutely love to host our board meetings, strategic planning sessions, fundraisers and other program-related gatherings.

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Hear from Board Co-Chair Jess Fitzpatrik: For years, Trans-E-Motion has had to scramble for safe spaces for the transgender and non binary communities. Thanks to COMMON SPACE, we have been able to:

  • Host a memorial for a fallen community member within 24 hours of inital reporting
  • Hold regular support group meetings for the LGBT+ community
  • Have a home for our Trans-E-Motion board of directors
  • Host a Trans Clothing Closet
  • Offer an ever growing Art Night program
  • Host a documentary filming on transgender visibility

At least half of these things would have never been possible without the space and staff assistance COMMON SPACE Provides. Together, we are stronger!