Highlight: Project Survival's Cat Haven

An incredible thing happening in Dunlap, CA!

COMMON SPACE recently connected with Project Survival's Cat Haven on Instagram - @pscathaven if you're interested in taking your love of cats to another level - and WOW! 

Project Survival's Cat Haven is dedicated to the preservation of wild cats. Their innovative park, located 3,000 above sea level, educates the public in captive and range country conservation of cats in their native habitat. Cat Haven says they do not call themselves a sanctuary. They do, however, provide excellent homes to all cats in the wild.

A founders story

Founder Dale Anderson opened Cat Haven in 1998. It was from a childhood memory in the seventh grade that he met Sam, a mountain lion, that visited his school. As a pilot for the United Express, he always remembered Sam. He would visit zoos all around the world and wanted an exotic cat as a pet. Dale realized that it would be better to get involved with a cat conservation project. 

Upcoming Event

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Justin KamimotoCat Haven, Nonprofit